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I dont know how people are in the server without the huge lag spike. D;
and i have to leave please
Um guys when i join the server i get a huge lag spike
TrackieT i may become a mod :d
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Hi everyone, 

As some of you may know, MysticalWithers 2.0 release has been delayed.
Due to Mojang's recent UUID implementation to allow name changing, this has caused several issues with converting the recent 1.7.8 to our servers. 
With this being said, we will have to put MysticalWithers 2.0 under extensive testing to make sure the server's stability is ready for a real release. 

Unfortunately, we do not have any ETA on an official release date. The release date will all depend on if our servers are stable with Mojang's UUID system. 

It's quite unfortunate that Mojang decided to go all out with this silly name changing feature. Mojang did not take the time to think about how it can affect us server owners on how we run things. 

Furthermore, I will keep everyone here updated on the progress of MysticalWithers 2.0. Thank you all!

[IGM] brendan052301 We are trying to get it out as soon as possible, johnnycay. If we waited until summer, players would get agitated. Summe ...
[GOD] johnnycay You should pospone the launch of MysticalWthers 2.0 until summer starts so you have time to make sure everything is ok a ...
[IGHA] metmad22 We should be releasing it in about a week or so, if everything goes as planned.


[Owner] MasterGabeMOD a posted Apr 11, 14
Hi everyone, 

Due to Mojang constantly making stupid updates, we may need to wait on releasing MysticalWithers 2.0 until further notice. 

When Mojang decided to be sneaky on making several releases, it broke compatibility within the servers. This also affected compatibility with our plugins, causing them to stop working. When plugins break, this puts the servers at high risk of being hacked and completely unstable. 

In order for us to move forward, we have to put MysticalWithers 2.0 under some heavy stress testing. We hope that Mojang stops releasing updates, so we can continue with bringing MysticalWithers 2.0 to life. 

I would like to thank the community for being so patient while we work our way through this. Unfortunately, Mojang likes to play around with us server owners and destroy the fun of the game. 


[Owner] MasterGabeMOD a posted Apr 9, 14
Hi everyone, 

As most of you may know, Minecraft 1.7.6 was released today. 
Yes, the server will be updated shortly. 

Also, subscribe to my YouTube :)
[KING] TnT20052013 Why you have no videos on your channel? You should recored (or how ever you say the word) some videos on the server
[Appren] BlakeAO I cant wait ...
[GOD] johnnycay Cool dawg this server is the shisnay ...
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